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DRIVE NORTH IS not just another audio/video/lighting production company. WE ARE CHANGING THE WAY YOU LOOK AT OUR INDUSTRY.  We HAVE USED reverse-engineering TO DISCOVER what OTHERS IN OUR INDUSTY HAVE completely missed. RATHER THAN merely providing audio/video/lighting integration & event production services, we WILL help you master effective communication in EACH OF THESE AREAS.  


Effective communication is key in uniting people under a common purpose. You have a message you need to communicate to your audience in pursuit of your mission. If that message is communicated properly and clearly, success will follow. If that message is lost in communication, you will find your efforts falling short of your potential.

Drive North, LLC is a small business - local to Williston, ND.

We provide Audio/Video/Lighting Consulting and Integration services, and Event Production in the Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana area. Drive North, LLC is established as a Limited Liability Company registered in North Dakota. Founders: George Burr, Redmond (Red) Burr, Grant Burr, and David Penner have been residents of North Dakota for the last 6 years.

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Headquarters in Williston, ND

Located in Williston, ND and

Phelin, California

Servicing the Northern Plains, The Bakken, and United states


Tel: 701-566-6732



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